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2016/7/20 12:13:34
  • LableSOER-3.2m Soft film printer


machine parameters

Length: 4.5 meters wide, 0.9 meters high and 1.3 meters:: machine weight: 600KG

Print speed: 3pass 360*360 40 square meters /h

4pass 360*720 32㎡/h

6pass 360*1080 24㎡/h

8pass 720*720 16㎡/h

Nozzle type: Epson 5 generation head

Software to do: Rui

Data transmission: USB 2

Maximum print width: 3.2 meters

The most thick print thickness: 4.5 cm

Machine power: weak solvent: 2500W UV:2000W

Voltage: 220V-250V 50HZ

The machine running temperature and humidity: temperature: 20 C -28 C humidity: 40%-60%

Color: weak solvent: C M Y K UV:C M Y K W

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